FundTQ Helps In Moms Home Raise Funds Process From Mistry Ventures

FundTQ Helps In Moms Home Raise Funds Process From Mistry Ventures

FundTQ acted as an exclusive advisor for Mom’s Home in raising its first institutional investment from Mistry Ventures. Mistry Ventures invested an undisclosed amount in the Organic Baby Essentials brand, Mom’s Home, known for its organic clothing and baby essentials range for kids aged 0-5 years. This marks a significant milestone for Moms Home raise funds.

MomsHome specialises in 100% organic bamboo clothing, organic diapers, infant clothing, maternity range and baby organic quilts. FundTQ, the exclusive advisors to MomsHome, played an integral role in making this transaction possible.

FundTQ, a leading mid-market investment banking firm, played a pivotal role in connecting MomsHome with potential investors who shared a common commitment to fostering positive change. By leveraging FundTQ’s innovative approach to fundraising and its wide investor network, MomsHome was able to connect and successfully raise funds from Mistry Ventures.

FundTQ’s unique approach towards investor connect, startup fundraising, valuation discussions enhances its ability to connect with investors and successful closure of deals. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, FundTQ facilitates meaningful connections between fundraisers and investors, streamlining the fundraising process and maximizing the potential for success.

The success of Moms Home raise funds campaign showcases the effectiveness of FundTQ’s platform. It acts as a bridge between organizations with impactful missions and investors aiming to make a difference. FundTQ is among the leading investment banks in India known for its strategic approach. It specializes in Startup Fundraising, Mergers and Acquisitions, Startup Valuation, and Wealth Management.

About FundTQ

Founded in 2020, FundTQ operates as an investment banking company. It offers various services including Fundraising, M&A, Wealth Management, and Impact Funding. The company operates with a success-driven approach, placing significant importance on achieving successful outcomes for each transaction within its portfolio.

FundTQ stands out as one of the leading Investment Banks, ranking among the Top 10. Its notable expertise spans various industries, with a remarkable track record in both domestic and cross-border transactions. The company’s diverse client base demonstrates its capacity to support startups and MSMEs throughout their journey. They help secure growth-stage funding and facilitate significant transactions. Additionally, they offer expert M&A advisory services.