Travel Tech Company Looking for fundraising


Empower your travel tech venture with our specialized Travel Pitch Deck Template. Tailored for last-mile delivery of railway tickets, this pitchbook ensures an impactful presentation, attracting investors and propelling your business to new heights. Elevate your pitch, secure funding, and chart the course for success in the travel industry.

Explore our Travel Pitch Deck Template for a travel tech company specializing in last-mile delivery of railway tickets. Elevate your pitch and secure funding success.

  • Slide-1: Investment Highlights
  • Slide 2: Unique Selling Proposition
  • Slide 3: Capturing Online Ticketing in Indian Railways
  • Slide 4: Ready Platform To Cover the Largest Chunk of Ticketing Market 
  • Slide 5: First Mover Advantage in the Fast-Growing Online E-commerce Business
  • Slide 6: Best Positioned to Benefit from Fast-Growing Online Travel Market  
  • Slide 7:  Ability to Easily Penetrate in the COD Market 
  • Slide 8: Niche Business Model to Capture the Completely Untapped Market
  • Slide 9: User Friendly Interface Increases Usage By Large Non-Technical Population 
  • Slide 10: Time Tested Business Model To Cover All Major Business Risks 
  • Slide 11:  Company Has Evolved To Make Significant Changes in Business Model 
  • Slide 12:  Large Current Target Market with Huge Potential To grow 
  • Slide 13:  Capturing Customers at the Highest Visiting Sites in India 
  • Slide 14: Bird Eye View of Project Rail
  • Slide 15: Only Player in the Industry with a Disruptive Business Model 
  • Slide 16: Efficient Services to Maximize Customer Retention 
  • Slide 17: Comprehensive Services Offering Catered to Full User Spectrum
  • Slide 18:  Effective Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Slide 19: Robust, Scalable and Open Infrastructure
  • Slide 20:  Unparalleled Extensive Courier Network 
  • Slide 21:  Key Management & Board 
  • Slide 22:  Key Growth Drivers 
  • Slide 23: Funds Requirement 
  • Slide 24: Past Transactions in Online Travelling
  • Slide 25: Company Performance Analysis

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