Skincare Pitch Deck


Introducing the Skincare Pitch Deck by FundTQ, a comprehensive presentation designed to showcase the potential of skincare businesses to investors. Empower your investment decisions with our expert insights and data-driven analysis.

Introducing the Skincare Pitch Deck by FundTQ, a comprehensive maternity report designed for investment banks. Empower your decisions with FundTQ’s expert insights.

Slide 1 –  Stands for clean beauty skin focused

Slide 2 – Developing innovative and tested clean beauty formulations for all skin types

Slide 3 – Skincare dominates the global beauty market

Slide 4 – Time to be in the clean beauty market

Slide 5 – In India Skincare is taking a increased pie with focus shifting on masstige brands

Slide 6 – Our winning model- Ideation to Production

Slide 7 – Accelerate innovations by enhancing Research and Development (R&D) capabilities

Slide 8 – Top 5 Product categories contribute to 90% of the Revenue

Slide 9 – There is a substantial whitespace within the ABC clean beauty sector

Slide 10 – Key Financials


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